Our (the website, mlfromscratch.com) data is protected and can always be removed upon request. E-mails are never going to receive spam, ever. Some content are based on third parties collecting data, and elsewhere we have opt-ins, which you can opt-out of.

1. What data is collected on ML From Scratch?


When an opt-in is displayed, a cookie is stored and expires after 7 days. The cookie is solely used for if another opt-in should be displayed again.


Any comment is stored on Disqus' servers indefinitely. This is to persist comments, so that any person, anonymous or not, can get questions answered. If a post is made anonymously, an e-mail and name is stored, else the forementioned and a password is stored. You can view their privacy policy here.


If you choose to enter your e-mail into an opt-in, it is stored indefinitely. At any time, you can unsubscribe from the e-mail list by the unsubscribe button. Any e-mail is protected and will never be sold or given away to third parties.

Embedded content

Some embedded (iframe, embed) content (PDFs, images, video, animations etc.) are sometimes hosted at third parties. Embedded content usually stands out from the regular content. The third parties might collect cookies or track actions.

For recommended books, Amazon affiliate links occur as a recommendation and as a way to provide a correct link, instead of using search engine results.

2. Who is data shared with?

Your data is generally not shared, but some of your activity or optional submissions of your e-mail on the website (mlfromscratch.com) is shared with services such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp

Any comments is also stored on Disqus.
Any embedded content might be stored at Geogebra or Google Drive or elsewhere.

3. Don't want your data to be stored any longer?

You have the rights to your data. You can always press the unsubscribe button in any e-mail received. If you are in doubt, contact the website admin; info found under author (only desktop).

4. Exhaustive list of third parties

This list should resemble an exhaustive list of all third parties. Note that new third parties might not be added immediatly. The list of third parties does not necessarily mean that any type of CDN, external script or other content delivery services are used.

  • MathJax
  • PrismJs
  • Disqus
  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • GitHub